How To Turn On Apple Music Crossfade (Full Guide)

How To Turn On Apple Music Crossfade
How To Turn On Apple Music Crossfade

How To Turn On Apple Music Crossfade

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On this episode of tutorial, we are going to teach you how to turn on crossfade in the apple music without breaking a sweat! Yes you heard me well. Just follow the step by step guide below and learn something new today!


For you apple users, if you are the one playing music in your car or in a house party with your phone via apple music and you want to change from one song to another…. That little pause between the two songs can be really awkward! the party will pause a bit and e no make sense! Thank God for the new iOS update for bringing this new feature, “Crossfade” This feature switches between two songs smoothly without you noticing just like when you are playing a DJ Mixtape! Yes you heard me! All you have to do is update your device to the latest iOS and that is it.

Now i’m not sure if this new features is available on all iOS devices but one thing i’m sure about is, the feature is available on iphone X upto iphone 15 pro max! and if you have this devices and didn’t get this features on your device, Just go and update iOS and then you are good to go!. I can bet on my life that not everyone know about this feature but all thanks to God for the likes of our blog that keeps exploring all angles of iOS and keep putting out articles for people’s consumption. Well keep reading this below and learn.

Full Guide on How To Turn On Crossfade In The Apple Music App

Turning on crossfade in the apple music app is a simple thing as long as you follow our simple step by step guides. Below is the steps! read for your perusal.

1. On your iOS device, go to settings and scroll down to music and click on it

2. In that tab of music in settings, scroll down and locate Crossfade and toggle it on

3. Below the crossfade, you can adjust it to any seconds you want to switch between the music and that is it.

4. With the above settings, whenever you change from one song to another, the current song will fade into another in seconds just as you are playing a DJ Mixtape.


You see how simple this is like i said right? Yes just follow the step by step guide above and you will be good to go! if you are having any challenges pls don’t hesitate to drop a comment in the comment section, i will gladly help you.

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