How To Turn Any Picture Into a WhatsApp Sticker

How To Turn Any Picture Into a WhatsApp Sticker
How To Turn Any Picture Into a WhatsApp Sticker

How To Turn Any Picture Into a WhatsApp Sticker

Hello welcome to our blog, topinfo247! your number one go to tech hub for solutions where you get first hand tech news and information at your finger tips all for free. We recently publish an article on “How To Find Hidden WiFi Passwords On Your iphone While Connected” if you haven’t read it please kindly do so as it is loaded with full knowledge that is worth reading all for free!

In today’s episode, we are going to show a simple guide on how to turn your picture into a WhatsApp Sticker! Yes you heard me right! This is a very very simple guide if you can follow our step by step guide. Keep reading below and learn a new thing today.


Till date, a lot of people are wondering how these funny and beautiful whatsapp stickers are being created or some people have the idea but don’t really know how to go about it while some people feel to big to ask or think it will be a thing of shame to ask! Well, like i always say, thank your God that blogs like ours do exist in which you can easily browse in your comfort zone to read and learn without any stress.

Creating a whatsapp sticker is very very simple on iphone or any IOS devices! when the new sticker thing came, people uses a 3rd party apps to create stickers and those apps at times are so annoying because of the user interface and lots of ads displayed in the app. This makes it more difficult to create stickers and also time consuming! But with the recent Ios update in place, you will be able to create lot of beautiful and funny Whatsapp stickers without using 3rd party apps and all you have to do is to update your ios to the latest version and follow our step by step guide below to create Whatsapp stickers as much as you want all for free!. Keep reading below and learn.

How To Turn Any Picture Into a WhatsApp Sticker (Simple Guide)

When it comes to creating whatsapp sticker with any of your photos, iOS devices are at the forefront and the whole process is superb! very fast and smooth with no hassle. Read below and learn a new thing today!

1. On you iOS device, go to your gallery and select any picture of your choice.

2. Press and hold the person in the picture for two seconds and release….. you will see “Copy” then click it.

3. Go to the Whatsapp chat that you want to send it to and paste it, you can now send it as a sticker

4. You can also add the same sticker as your favorite to save it and that is it.


If you carefully read the guide above, go and try it now and let me know if it works for you in the comment section! It should work perfectly if you follow the step by step guide above carefully. And if you are finding any difficulties, kindly drop a comment and we will gladly help you out.

If you find this very articles helpful please kindly share it to your friends, family and social media and don’t forget to keep checking back for more informative and educative contents as we will continuer to be dropping it back to back. Thank You and God bless you! See you next time. Bye.


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