How To Protect Your iphone From Nosy People

How To Protect Your iphone From Nosy People
How To Protect Your iphone From Nosy People

How To Protect Your iphone From Nosy People

Hello and welcome to our informative blog where we share useful information to guide you all. In today’s episode, we are going to teach you all how to protect your iphone from nosy people, People that cannot mind their business switching from one app to  another when you give them access to your phone! this can be very annoying but ahh nothing concern them!


These days, people can be so annoying! like i will give you my phone to check something on a particular app and then you when finished checking, boom! you will jump to another app with or without my consent! That particular act is very very disrespectful, annoying and totally not acceptable! I mean that is my privacy bro! If you have friends, brothers or sisters like that, worry not because we are here for you! You will learn this simple guide to protect your phone content.

I bet many iphone users are not aware of this particular settings! Let’s say like out of 100% only 30% of iphone users knows this and i can bet my life on this. I mean how can you buy an expensive device like that and refuse to explore it in and out? well i can’t blame everybody! some just bought their phone to make calls and snap beautiful photos but doesn’t know what else to use the phone for. In this tutorial, i am going to show you all step by step guide on how to protect your phone from nosy people via Guided Access! Keep reading below and learn.

How Prevent Nosy People Switching to Other Apps on Your Phone

When you give your phone to people that dont have manners, They will leave the app that you opened for them and go to your gallery to watch pictures without your permission which very very disrespectful. Let me show you how to prevent this on iphone and this works on all version of iphones. Read below and learn how.

1. On your iphone device, goto settings and scroll down to Accessibility and tap on it

2. On the Accessibility tap, scroll down to Guided Access and toggle it on

3.  Then scroll down and click on Passcode Settings

4. Create a passcode and that’s it! you are good to go!

5. Now when you open a particular app for someone, Click the power button three times! that way, they won’t be able to leave the app no matter how much they try!

6. To turn this off, click the power button again three times  then enter the new passcode you created earlier and then click on End! it will automatically stop. That is it.


If you follow the above simple guide, you should be able to activate the Guided Access settings without issues! Just read carefully and understand it and make sure you do activate it to prevent those nosy people from snooping your phone without your permission!

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