How to Get Microsoft Word To Type Your Document Automatically For You

How to Get Microsoft Word To Type Your Document Automatically For You
How to Get Microsoft Word To Type Your Document Automatically For You

How to Get Microsoft Word To Type Your Document Automatically For You

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In today’s episode of our daily tutorial, we are going to teach you guys how to get MS Word do the typing for you automatically without you touching a key on the keyboard! All you have to do is to do the editing and arrangement yourself exacting the way you wanted it to be. You just keep reading this very article and I’m sure at the end of it, you will be glad you stumbled on this blog.


Are you the lazy type when it comes to typing a document in microsoft word? Are you a student that finds it difficult to type your assignment in MS Word? Or do you have PC and still want to type documents but still finds it difficult to do so because you are not conversant with the keyboard and also not fast in typing? Well, worry no more! we are going to show you this simple trick to get all document typed without you touching a key on your keyboard and all you have to do is to edit and arrange it exactly how you want it to be.

This simple PC trick is absolutely free and simple and to me it is way more faster than typing it yourself because everything is almost automated. At the end of this article, you will be way glad you landed yourself on this blog and we pray you keep coming back for more tech solutions. Continue reading below to learn something new today.

Step By Step Guide To Get Microsoft Word To Type Your Document Automatically

Like i said above, these steps are very very simple if you follow the below guide carefully and implement it! your document should be typed automatically without having any issue. Enough of the long English, lets get into action immediately!

Step 1. On you computer, Go to microsoft word and click on it

Step 2. After your MS Word opens and ready to start typing, Press and hold the Windows Key plus H

Step 3. Release the Windows key Plus H and start reading out words from your document you want to type. The MS Word will automatically listen and type it for you word to word without any issues and that is it!

Note that you don’t need any internet connection to get this done or any 3rd party software! it is totally free and inbuilt. Yes just follow the steps above and give it a try.


These days automation is the new norms! If you follow the above guide, you should be able get this done without experiencing any hassle and if you during the process you experienced any problem, please don’t hesitate to draw our attention via the comment section, we will try as much as we can to respond and guide you to do it perfectly.

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