How To Get iPhone 14 & 15 Dynamic Island on Any Android Phone

How To Get iPhone 14 & 15 Dynamic Island on Any Android Phone
How To Get iPhone 14 & 15 Dynamic Island on Any Android Phone

How To Get iPhone 14 & 15 Dynamic Island on Any Android Phone

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On today’s episode of our tutorial, we are going to show you all the step by step guide on how to get the iphone 14 & 15 dynamic island on any android devices without stress and you don’t have to spend much money on iphone simply you want to get the dynamic island. Keep reading this post to learn how to do so.


I know many android users don’t know that this feature could actually work on their phone just like the iphone 14 and iphone 15. You people will be wondering how is this even possible on android! Don’t worry, i am here to clear your doubt by revealing the step by step guide! i mean this is why tech blogs like us exist, we dish out solutions to tech problems on a daily all for free.

One thing for sure is, if you have the itel S23 plus this feature is inbuild and you do not need to download any 3rd party app to get the feature working while if you don’t have the itel S23 plus, don’t worry, i’ll show you how you can get the dynamic island feature via a 3rd party app and it will work perfectly without any problem. You just Keep reading below to learn a new thing today!

How To Get iPhone 14 & 15 Dynamic Island ON ITel S23 Plus

If you have the itel S23 plus, to activate this feature on your device is much easy if you follow my step by step guide! Keep reading below

Step 1. Kindly update your itel S23 plus software to itel OS version 13.00.

Step 2. Go go settings and click on system

Step 3. On the system tab, go to system update and click on online update to check for update

Step 4. If there’s available update, kindly hit the update button to update your device OS to the latest version (Version 13.00)

Step 5. Your phone should restart immediately the update is downloaded and completed.

NOTE to ensure that the dynamic bar is turned on, go to settings, Special functions and scroll down to dynamic bar and toggle the switch on! That is it…. You now have a dynamic bar that expands and contrasts on an itel device (Android) just like what you have on iphones. However, it is limited to face unlock, phone calls, charging and battery animations

How To Get iPhone 14 & 15 Dynamic Island on Any Android Phone

Like i said earlier above, if you do not have the itel S23 plus which has the features inbuilt, you need to get the feature via 3rd party app and it will work perfectly just like the iphones and the itel s23 plus. Keep reading let me show you how to.

Step 1. On your android device, go to playstore and search for “Dynamic Island iOS Notch” The app is free but you would have to see ads while setting it up.

Step 2. After installation, launch the app, Give all the permission the app requests

Step 3.  Once you are done, Enable the notch and customize the size and position of the notch using the sliders

Step 4. You can customize the notch anyhow you want and all that. The notch shows animations of music playing, App notifications, incoming and outgoing calls, Map navigations, earphones and battery charge animations.


Now you see what i was talking about earlier right? it is this simple so as long as you follow the step by step guide. Your dynamic island Notch should be working perfectly without any issues if you really follow our instructions carefully.

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