How To Create a Business Card For Free (Full Guide)

How To Create a Business Card For Free
How To Create a Business Card For Free

How To Create a Business Card For Free

Welcome back to our blog, your top tech hub where we dish out first hand tech solution and information with the latest happenings in the tech world. Earlier today, we published an article on “How To Automatically Block Pop Up Ads On Your Android Device“. We believe by now you all have read the article, we if you haven’t, it is not too late, kindly head to the post and impact on yourself for free. And if you find it educative or informative, don’t forget to share to friends, family and social media! God bless you all as you do so.

In this article, we are going to show you the simple step by step guide on how to create a business card for free without paying a dime for it! Yes you heard me right…. without paying a dime to a graphic designer for it. Of course it is never hard. All you have to do is to just carefully read our tutorial, learn and follow the step by step guide to implement and that is all. Keep reading below to learn how to do so.


Have ever urgently wanted a graphic design so badly but you couldn’t afford to pay and wondered what to do next to get it done or just give up? well worry not, topinfo247 is here for you! we are going to show you how you can achieve most of your designs for free without paying a dime to anyone at all. This is why blogs like ours do exist, to assist you all with one or two tech solutions. So take a chill pill and continue reading till the end.

As a business owner or a brand owner, to own a business is very very necessary! Be it a small business or brand or Large business or brand, you need a business card in other to make your business or brand look professional in the eyes of your clients. Owning a business card now is the new norm now! it packages your business and gives you that CEO vibes. So please own a business card today for your business or brand! Like i said above, you are not paying a dime to anyone to achieve it.

How To Create a Business Card For Free

Like i made mention above, this whole process is very simple! All you have to do is to follow our step by step guide to own a business card and to make your business or brand look professional without stressing yourself. Okay let me not bored you with my talks, let’s dive into the main business below.

Step 1. On your browser (Laptop and phone) go to the search bar and type “

Step 2. After the website loads, type and search “Business Cards” and its going to give you free access to more than one thousand business card templates

Step 3. Select the one that suits you from the list and click on download button then click on Free download

Step 4. When you are done downloading, go to on your browser

Step 5. When you are on photopea page, click on Open from Computer and upload the business card file that you downloaded earlier

Step 6. Once you finish uploading, you will be able to edit the business card to your taste

Step 7. When you are done editing, go to file and scroll download to “Export As” and then you select the export format of your choice then click on save button and then you are done!!

NOTE you can use this very websites to create so many design of your choice such as business cards, flyers and other graphic designs


So as long as data and internet do exist, there’s nothing that is difficult to achieve and that is my personal believe. If you follow the above guide carefully, you will stop paying graphic designers to do your works…. All thanks to topinfo247

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