Full Guide on How To Create Logo For Free Online

Full Guide on How To Create Logo For Free Online
Full Guide on How To Create Logo For Free Online

Full Guide on How To Create Logo For Free Online

Hello and welcome to one of the tech leading blogs in Nigeria, Topinfo247.com where we inform and educate on the latest tech happenings around the world. We recently published an article on How To Send High Quality Photos And Videos On WhatsApp and we hope you all checked it before landing here, if not please kindly do so and let us know what you think and don’t forget to share with friends to help us reach wider audience and you never can tell who needs it.

Today on topinfo247.com, we are going tutor our visitors on How to create a quality logo online like a pro and all for free! Yes you heard me well…. No don’t have to pay a dime to anyone in other to get a good reasonable logo for your business or brand. All you have to do is to just carefully read our tutorial, learn and follow the step by step guide to implement and that is all.


With the way the current world economy is going, it is not everyone can afford to pay for services and that is just the fact. As a professional, you need a good looking logo for your brand or business in other to make you stand out from the locals but then things are hard and it is not even funny! well, worry not, topinfo247 blog got your back! we believe at the end of this very article, we will be able to put smile on your face as we are going to end nightmare by impacting free knowledge in you.

I bet you never know that creating a free logo online is achievable till you stumble on this website! and yes you are in the right place! we are going to unveil the free website that allows you to create a free logo like professional graphics designers do! you don’t even need to have a single knowledge on graphic design before you will be able to do it. All you have to do is simply follow our step by step guide below and you will get it done like a pro! Keep reading and learn something new today.

How To Create Logo For Free Online

Like i said above, this very process is simple like ABC! read the below steps carefully to successfully achieve it. Enough of the English, let’s dive into the main deal. Continue reading below till the end.

Step 1. On your computer or mobile device, go to your browser and visit Looka.com

Step 2. On visiting the website, you will see a small space to provided for you to get started, simply type in your business name there and hit the get started button

Step 3. On clicking the get started button, you will be asked to pick your industry (3D printing, Advertising, Academy, Accounting etc). Select any of your choice and click on continue.

Step 4. After clicking on continue, a lot of sample logos will be displayed, pick one amongst them then click on continue and write in your company name.

Step 5. The website will automatically use an AI to generate a logo for you and full branding packages including a business card. That is it.


You see it is not that deep and hard, all you that is needed from you is to read our article carefully and try to implement it and that is all. You will own a professional logo and full branding package all for free without paying a dime to a graphic designer. If you are finding any difficulties please don’t hesitate to draw our attention in the comment section, we will be swift in responding and providing effect solutions.

If you find this very article informative and educative, kindly help us share to your friends and social media to help us reach a more wider audience! and you wouldn’t know who is dying to find this article in other to design his / her brand logo. Note. Kindly keep checking this blog for more fresh contents. See you next time. Thank you.


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