Adolf Hitler Biography

Adolf Hitler Biography
Adolf Hitler Biography

Adolf Hitler Biography

Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 at a place named Braunau Aminn in Austria. His father’s name was Alois Hitler and his mother’s name was Klara Polzl. Hitler’s mother Klara Polzl was Alois Hitler’s third wife and Hitler was the fourth child of his mother. But before that three of his siblings had died in childhood due to one reason. Adolf Hitler was now the only surviving child, so he was very fond of his mother.

Adolf Hitler’s early life was very turbulent. In the wake of daily bread, his family had to wander in many different cities and Adolf Hitler did not have good relations with his father.

Adolf Hitler did his schooling at the Volksschule School and even as a child, Adolf Hitler loved to pray with church groups, and for this reason, he wanted to become a priest later.

Adolf Hitler was greatly influenced by German nationalist thinking since childhood and therefore, despite living in Austria, used to sing the German national anthem instead of the Australian one. Later, in 1903, Adolf Hitler’s father died, and then in the next few years, his mother also died. From That time Hitler was left with nothing.

For Basic needs, Hitler started doing labor work to make ends meet. For a few days, Adolf Hitler also used to make paintings and earned some money by sending postcards 200 people say that this was the time when Hitler developed hatred towards Jews.

In 1913, Hitler shifted to Munich, Germany, where he applied to join the German Army, and then in 1914, his application was accepted. Now that German nationalism was already in his favor.

Adolf Hitler did a great job for Germany in the war as well and received many awards for his performance. But later on, Adolf Hitler was deeply saddened by the surrender of the German Army in the First World War and for this, Adolf Hitler held the German leaders responsible. Later in 1919, Hitler joined a party named DAP. Which was the German Workers’ Party the people of this party were completely anti-Jewish. and sources say that Hitler’s hatred towards the Jews became even stronger after joining the DAP. Later, the name of the DAP party was changed to Nazi and Hitler became very popular in a very short time by giving speeches against the Jews.

After the worldwide, the German economic condition was also not good at that time and by talking about improving it, he was becoming popular among many people. In view of this popularity, Adolf Hitler was made the chairman of the Nazi Party in 1921. Till the First World War Hitler, whom no one knew, had now become very popular.

In 1923, Hitler also tried to topple the government of that time, but he failed in that, and in 1924, Hitler was also sentenced to 5 years on the charge of treason. Although he was kept in jail only for 13 months in the meantime he wrote a book named Mein Kampf. After Hitler was released from prison, Germany’s economic condition improved a bit and that is why now Hitler had to do something that could only come in the eyes of the people once again.

Once, Millions of people lost their jobs and many banks were also closed because of the German Stock Market drop. By taking advantage of that situation Adolf Hitler promised to bring the country’s economy back on track, and he again came into the public eye.

Likewise, Hitler ran for president in 1932 but was once again defeated. However, the next year in 1933, Adolf Hitler won the election as the German Chancellor. And what was it then, as soon as the power came, he started showing his true colors.

Later on, after the death of the President, he declared himself the President and then first of all he closed the Social Democratic Party, and then only after that the process of razing the Jews started.

After becoming the President, Adolf Hitler started working on increasing the strength of his soldiers and by 1939, this stubborn dictator attacked his neighboring countries, and in this way, the second world war started.

Hitler’s Nazi army got victory initially time, but as time passed its strength started decreasing and Hitler too probably started to realize this. On 29 April 1945, Hitler married a girl named Eva Braun for the third time.

Other forces had reached very close to him and so the dictator Hitler shot himself and his third wife Eva Braun also gave her life. After Hitler’s suicide, the Second World War also ended.


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